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Thanks guys we had a great time!


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Audio, Video and Multi-Media Laboratory

As a component of the EUREKA STUDIO we host screenings and discussions of films and offer a video/media and performance classroom environment for local students and the Kansas State University’s College of Architecture, Design and Planning. A program of the Bluestem ARTS Initiative to empower a new generation to tell their own stories. By partnering with the theatre management we have this rare opportunity to sponsor numerous community events.


Excerpt from:

Eureka! Making Connections

What impressed us most about Eureka when we visited was the energy of the town and the many connections it has to other places throughout Kansas. The architecture, the people and the wonderful hospitality inspired us to build on these strengths with programs that will enhance the town and further the existing bonds and foster new links to people, organizations, events and places.
There are two ways that these connections can be categorized: 1) gathering people in, and 2) reaching out. Three program proposals gather people into Eureka. Restoring the Greenwood Hotel (p. 1) offers visitors an impressive place to stay while visiting family, attending a convention, or simply vacationing. The Addition to the TransAmerica Trail (p. 10) heightens the awareness of bicyclists who already ride through of the presence of the town and encourages them to stop and visit. The Garden Club Pop Up (p. 14) builds on the energy of the residents and creates a draw to the downtown during summer weekends or major events. Two programs make connections by reaching out to people and organizations outside of Eureka. Fiber Optics Business Service (p. 4) literally connects people and businesses in Eureka to others through a very high speed connection similar to what is offered in Kansas City. The Microloan Program (p. 7) focuses on increasing the capacity of entrepreneurs in the town by connecting them with national resources.
These programs range in size from a few thousand dollars to a million or more. Most of them can be scaled or rolled out overtime reducing the up-front costs. For example, the Addition to the TransAmerica Trail can add directional signs one year and the bike repair stop another year. The Fiber Optics Business Service can be implemented in the downtown initially and expanded to residential areas over time. The Microloan Program can start by making small loans and grow its capacity with the interest earnings.
We have enjoyed experiencing the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of Eureka over the past semester. We hope that the creativity and imagination you inspired in us will spawn further innovation and vigor to enhance the economy and quality of life in one of Kansas’ most energetic small towns.

Dr. Katherine Nesse




Compiled by Dr. Katherine Nesse
Written by students of PLAN 699:
State and Local Economic Development Policy
Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas
May 6, 2015



Thank you!

I had the pleasure along with several others to host Katherine and her K-State RCP project team here in Eureka. The energy they brought and the focus helped us to see a larger picture with specific visions and is invaluable to our community. Katherine will always be welcome here in Eureka as we search to find our voice within the context of a larger picture.  Also, we just had a great time, well done guys and thank you!

Larry Coleman



Cedar Creek, live at the ThirdStreet

Coming Soon!

Brought to you by the Bluestem Arts Initiative Inc., Flint Hills Radio and the ThirdStreet.


Coming to the ThirdStreet 2016

Max Gomez

I had the pleasure to spend some time with Max in Tulsa as he was passing thru, he is an extraordinary singer songwriter.

We are working to bring Max to Eureka for a performance. This will be very hard to pull off, he is very busy these days. I may have to have his mother convince him to come, she lives just outside of town … where the pavement ends.

Directed by: Kiefer Sutherland

The official music video for “Run From You,” the first single from Max Gomez’s debut album ‘Rule The World.’

Brought to you by the Bluestem Arts Initiative, Flint Hills Radio and the Thirdstreet



111 w Third Street
Eureka Kansas