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Small Town Studio

A small thing happened in Eureka in 2013. The small town studio from Kansas State University came to visit our small town. They accepted a challenge of a vision study. As it turned out, it was not a small thing.

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The Small Town Studio

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In 2010 locals referred to Eureka Kansas as a “dying town”, not with anger or sadness, but with an eerie resolve. It could be argued that Eureka was on a downward path for over a hundred years. In 2011, we met the Small Town Studio at Kansas State University, a group of graduate architects and their professor Todd Gabbard from the College of Architecture, Planning, and Design. They came for a visit and accepted a challenge of an in-depth study of our community. They brought with them a wealth of knowledge, unbridled enthusiasm and an unstoppable energy.

It was a unique opportunity for our community to see the intersection of architecture, community and business. We started a conversation about possibilities and the process of architecture. That conversation continues three years later. The small town has always had a place and relevance in the culture of our nation. Now in this increasingly connected world, the small town is seeing a rebirth of interest and opportunity. The conversation has evolved from theory and process to real world projects. It is now about the work and the finished product. The students are realizing that the process of architecture is becoming very personal.

It is hard to see the future, to determine the effects of this conversation. It is abundantly clear that the small town has a future and we have been reminded that we can dream.

The students that have come to Eureka over the years have gone on to new challenges throughout the country and are making their mark. I feel confident to say that they will remember their time in Eureka. We will remember them.

Larry Coleman

Afterword: Small Town Stewardship: Found Context, Built Solutions Small Town Studio | 2014-2015



Todd Gabbard

Small Town Studio
Kansas State University
College of Architecture, Planning, and Design
Seaton Hall Studio
Manhattan, KS 66502