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Activate Space

Throughout the Flint Hills there are opportunities. Activate space is a program of the Eureka Studio & Partners. We seek out opportunities and propose various alternative solutions.

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To help uncover the mystery of the Random School. The school is known to anybody that grew up here in Eureka. It is abandoned and nearing the stage where it will be torn down. It was inhabited by an artist for some time and the scale of the project makes it difficult to deal with. My friend Josh from the small town studio completed a study of possibilities that is an elegant solution. We are keeping this project alive and hoping for a solution. The school is desperately searching for it’s voice and I hope that it still has something to teach us all.

Proposed Solution

Josh Goldstein

Todd Gabbard

Small Town Studio
Kansas State University
College of Architecture, Planning, and Design
Seaton Hall Studio
Manhattan, KS 66502

Stay tuned.

2012 12-13 josh - random school park + gardens-2

2012 12-13 josh - random school park + gardens-9

2012 12-13 josh - random school park + gardens-14

2012 12-13 josh - random school park + gardens-21


City Drug is located in a prominent location in the downtown core of Eureka Kansas. The locals remember it as the local drugstore and hangout of their youth. We are working to turn it into a creative incubator facility for small creative startup companies and services.

It can still be a hangout.

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Create with others.

Studios provides a place to work for creatives and classes for artists in the Flint Hills of Southwestern Kansas.

We offer small studio spaces and an open co-working space for all types of artists.

Each month we also have a number of classes for advanced and intermediate artists. These range from in-depth four week courses on a single topic to single-day workshops on techniques and methods.

Send us an email or stop by to talk about how to become a part of the space!

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Memorial Hall, in it’s day provided an extraordinary performance venue. It is time to bring it back to life.

There is a movement afoot to reestablish Memorial Hall as a regional performing arts center. In the past there have been numerous performances by the likes of Johnny Cash and many other performers. We are planning:

Max Gomez

I had the pleasure to spend some time with Max in Tulsa as he was passing thru, he is an extraordinary singer songwriter.

We are working to bring Max to Eureka for a performance. This will be very hard to pull off, he is very busy these days. I may have to have his mother convince him to come, she lives just outside of town … where the pavement ends.


Max Gomez | Make it Me | Official Video